one word crystallizes in my mouth,
like sugar:



Orphaned in the Black Shroud as an infant and raised alongside his twin brother by a strict elezen noblewoman, Adra is a devout ward of the conjurer's guild in Gridania. He hears the voices of the elementals, but has recently longed to step out from beneath the whispering canopies of the Twelveswood.

NAMEAdrasteius Solumieux
BUILD4'10" / 95 pz. Skinny.
FEATURESCovered in faintly glowing aetherial tattoos everywhere aside his face and hands. Faint scar on the corner of their bottom lip.
BIRTHPLACEUnknown; raised in Gridania.
RACEMiqo'te (Seeker)
FAMILYBirth parents (deceased, names unknown); Ilviane Solumieux (foster mother); Aurelius Solumieux (twin brother).
JOBConjurer; botanist; alchemist; baker. Currently employed at: Lapin Noir (baker) & The Pearl (bartender).
LANGUAGESFluent in common Eorzean and in the Ishgardian language (French, for all intents and purposes). Also Garlean.
SKILLSAethersight, conjury (& manipulation of aether, generally), botany, cooking, alchemy. Charcoal sketching; decent at watercolors. Singing & dancing.
LIKESTaking care of people, conjury, baking, baking and cooking for others, baking and cooking WITH others, reading, asking people personal questions, understanding, knowledge, new experiences, travel, having his braid pulled.
DISLIKESBeing taken care of, answering personal questions, aggressive shouting, angry drunks, senseless violence & cruelty, people coming into his kitchen without permission.
SERVERZalera, Crystal



⚜️ Adra has faintly glowing tattoos that ring his throat and extend to cover the whole of his body outside of his face and hands. They are a pale blue in color, occasionally pulse, and are clearly shot through with aether. The pattern looks a bit like this.⚜️ His eyes are the color of ice chips, pale and bright, and his gaze is very keen.⚜️Though he's short and skinny, he has a deep, sonorous voice, one that easily turns stentorian when he gets worked up (which is slightly more often than his usual 'never', lately).⚜️Those with the sensitivity to do so may notice that Adra's aether is particularly bright and abundant--like a fire that's always just barely under control. Despite the reference to fire, those with sensitivity/sight will observe that his aether has no aspect at all. Adra himself possesses aethersight and can keenly perceive when something is out of balance/corrupted/otherwise different from average (though never without OOC permission).⚜️Regardless of whatever bangs he's sporting, Adra has a long, tightly plaited braid that falls to his mid-back. Outside of the braid, his hair is very long & thick. Needs a lot of brushing.⚜️He is a natural blond (cornsilk), but dyes it partially black sometimes.⚜️Almost no muscle definition, though has recently gained a bit of tone on his arms and legs. Just a lil bit.⚜️Occasionally suffers from flare-ups of chronic illness, with symptoms including tremors, fatigue, and nerve pain.⚜️Adra often wears flowers in his hair as well as glasses, but you can't have both on at the same time because life is unfair


⚜️Typically polite, quiet, and reserved. Adra often addresses others with excessive formality, and is generally somewhat awkward in most social situations. He rarely uses nicknames unless specifically directed to do so; in a similar vein, he will not, for example, elide a Miqo'te's tribal prefix unless--again--otherwise specified.⚜️Adra tends to let anyone do anything to him without much fuss or complaint; there's no need to roll if your character moves to strike him, grab him, shove, etc. By and large, he accepts both verbal and physical bullying quietly, though this has lately started to change ... slightly.⚜️Often seen writing and drawing in small, blank notebooks. He writes in Ishgardian calligraphy and draws in wispy charcoal. If your character has spent any significant time around him, there's likely a portrait or two of them in his books.⚜️Earnest and inquisitive, Adra genuinely wants to know and understand the majority of people he meets. Though disheartened when he finds those efforts frustrated, he rarely gives up once he's locked on, so to speak.⚜️Endeavors to treat people with compassion, warmth, and respect. Recently, however, he's learning that sometimes you just have to break it down for a motherfucker.⚜️Because he has lived a relatively sheltered and isolated life until recently, there is much of the wider world that he does not know. He may come off as an ingénue at times, but be assured that he is learning the ways of the realm at an accelerated pace.⚜️That being said, he is easily charmed by a kind word and a gentle touch. Far too easily.





BODYGUARDS;Adra's work for the Conjurer's Guild takes him into dark and dangerous places. Because of his exceptional skill in cleansing blight and corruption, he is often tasked with investigating cult activity in the area, and has been doing so for several years. Lately, his tasks have resulted in ever more gruesome findings, and therefore he's always looking for someone to accompany him on his assignments. (Making use of this hook could lead to either a long-term or one-off storyline.)CONJURY;Though he can't swing a sword or throw a punch to save his life, Adra manipulates aether brilliantly, and he's a particularly talented healer. He studied practical medicine, too--because neither mind nor body are infinite in their power--so he's quite capable when it comes to manually stitching up wounds, offering diagnoses, and mixing remedies. He has deft, gentle hands, and if your character submits to healing via conjury, they'll find his magic has unique traits: healing from him feels strangely soothing and comforting, like an embrace.Adra is also an advanced Hearer, having had the Elementals in his head almost since infancy. He considers this just as much a curse as a blessing, given their often capricious and inscrutably cruel nature. Sometimes their whispers are as a cool caress; sometimes an angry buzz; sometimes a ceaseless torrent. He's always happy to commiserate with those who must navigate this strange relationship, too--or who have questions they would ask.AETHERSIGHT;In general, Adra is highly sensitive to aether of all kinds, and particularly so when that aether is imbalanced, corrupted, or otherwise deviating from typical form. He primarily uses this ability to help him diagnose illness, and that is where he has the most experience, but if your aether is untoward in some way then it is likely that Adra can tell. Whether or not he remarks on it depends on both the IC severity and--most importantly--your OOC comfort with regard to him having this knowledge. In general I will not have Adra remark on odd aether unless permission is explicitly given.THAUMATURGY & ALCHEMY;Adra has tremendous potential for black magic, though he is only just beginning to realize it. He is taking lessons in Ul'dah, but would be grateful for a more dedicated instructor--and more expansive knowledge.
He is more advanced in alchemy, though largely only on the medicinal side, and largely only through self-teaching. His formal studies in this discipline are also a bit nascent, and he would appreciate tips and advice from masters in this field, too.
AGONY AUNT;Adra is quite keen-eyed in general, aethersight aside: if your character's disposition is off, if they seem unhappy or uncomfortable or upset, he's liable to notice. He watches and listens to people very carefully, so if there are things about your character--whether physical or emotional--that someone who pays attention would pick up on, he's liable to do so. He is also liable to comment on it, and to want to help if he can, even if that help simply means a sympathetic ear. Adra does his best to meet people where they are, meaning he tries to keep an open mind about everyone--though if someone is in pain, he's going to worry about them Forever.
Still, he's a good listener, and he keeps secrets.
BAKING/COOKING;Besides conjury, Adra's other great talent--and joy--in life is cooking, especially baking. He likes both to cook for others and to cook WITH others. If you need to eat more, he'll feed you -- and if you're a culinarian yourself, he'd love to exchange recipes, and perhaps bake something together sometime.




RP typeall rp

hello there!! i'm an old married person who's been roleplaying for many, many years in various formats. i've been writing in general for just about my entire life, and i've taught college english for quite a while as well (now i mostly use my M.F.A. to write about elves and catboys, because that's just where the river takes you sometimes). here is a little bit about what to expect with me, RP-wise:

  • I'M A LITTLE NEW AT THIS: i started playing FFXIV in october of 2019, and i started testing out the RP waters just a few months ago, so i'm afraid i'm still new to this specific scene. i appreciate anyone who takes the time to engage with me and shows patience as i feel my way around!

  • OPEN TO JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING: i'm open to all forms of RP, whether it's light, casual conversation or something more dark and intense. i enjoy writing heavy conversations, comedy, and also the explicit stuff, whether violent or sexual. in all cases, i prefer RP partners to be 20+. further (as mentioned), i am not interested in any ERP (or RP in general) that bleeds IC/OOC.

  • COMMUNICATION IS KEY: i am a leetle bit shy so sometimes it can be difficult/nerve-wracking for me to reach out, but i do try my best. that being said, if i approach IC or OOC and you're not interested, please feel free to tell me so directly -- i don't wanna waste your time and direct communication is always best!

  • HIT ME UP: on that note, please feel free to reach out to me any time, whether via tells or through DMs on discord (my handle there is thornmallow#7777 & you can pop me a friend request if you like). most of the time i'm just chillin' and would be happy to talk RP or content or what-have-you. you can also find me on either my personal or games twitter, linked below.

  • BOUNDARIES ALSO IMPORTANT: as a final note: though i am personally open to just about all narrative themes, i will always warn and ask for consent before bringing up sensitive topics WRT character backstory/plots. adra and aurelius's full histories / current arcs contain themes of abuse (both emotional and physical), mind control, torture, corruption, et cetera; however, none of that will come into play unless explicitly discussed beforehand. consent is extremely important to me and i want everyone to be comfortable & having fun when we write together.

thanks for taking the time to check out this eternally WIP carrd & have a nice day :>